Getting ready...

Well, hello fellows..
I'm just so excited about this course I'm starting on Monday. It's going to be fabulishous...
It's call The Art and Business of Surface Pattern design ran by some very talented people in the pattern and design business called Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls ..
I'm sure it will be pretty intense at times, but hopefully my passion for colour and patterns will help me through..

Even more exciting for them is the launch of a new magazine Moyo - all about Surface pattern design, you can read it here. If anyone is ever going to get into patterns and more importantly, do something with them - you need to read this first..
I think its great that both of these ladies are doing something exciting and inspiring for us all..


The other day I visited a beautiful National Trust property, (I need to get my monies worth this year) called Tyntesfield for inspiration. 

Here a couple of pics from the trip. They have made several improvements this year and the shop / cafe is much better. The house is open, but has been kept (as I like) as it was left to them. 
I didn't go in this time because the queue was quite long and there is a limit to how long you can leave 4 kids (only 3 of mine) - outside in charge of the pushchair.
(and as its still not legal to leave them locked in the car - I couldn't do that either)

Anyway after the odd tantrum, and i'm sure its not just my children who throw themselves into the gravel because they have to share.. I did take some very nice pics.
There was also a couple of florists there who were letting you make your own little posy to take home from the wild flowers... also a very nice touch.

Wild flowers in the kitchen garden...

Bye for now

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