Ooh scary

Ooh very scary
Welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by..
Here I am now installed into this vast vast world of blogging.. Thank heaven it has spell check on automatic.
A Bit about me -
I've spent the last few months painting, drawing and photographing things that I love... Namely my garden and any sort of colourful stuff... So what do I do with it, huh hmmm dilemma.... I've always wanted to work for myself and love anything colourful and different... I love buying pretty notebooks, paper, pens and lush fabrics and have lots of  pretty 'bits' I just needed to have. I've painted watercolours since I was a teenager, (that was when petrol cost 50p) but stopped when work and a family took over.
Last year I plopped myself onto a screen printing course at college which delt with patterns and pizzazz, I'm hooked on patterns...
Anyway as its not possible to run off to London, join the fabric designers at Liberty (see I do have dreams) as I have 3 children and a husband who need me, I've done the next best thing and signed up for a Surface Pattern design course starting in a few weeks..
Since then I've been researching and thinking and surfing, and reading all kinds of stuff to do with pattern.
So here's to the next few months journey! See you on the otherside..

P.s I've also installed Cs6 Illastrator which is a bit tricky

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