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Pinterest is my new best friend.. !

I haven't been Pinning for very long but it is already right up there with the great bits. I read lots of useful info on the internet about what to post and who to post it.. I didn't get into times etc, but I tidied up my boards and worked out what sort of look and feel I wanted for it. I followed the instructions about pinning regularly and pin only those things you would want to see on your wall.

I'm thrilled to say I've had a steady stream of new followers and I must say it does feel nice to see one of your pins repined 150 times.. ha ha.. No magic involved, just keep your pins neat - don't post anything you wouldn't want your mum to see..and voila..

Here is a screen shot of a few of my boards now...

Now on Pinterest you can get an overview of yourself and what you are posting in the main menu

I hope you're in love with Pinterest as much as I am.. I think I'm off to buy shares.. xx