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Pictures from the Garden

Hello my fellows, I have been so busy reading other peoples blogs I seem to have forgotten my own little web toe dangler.. Thought I'd post you a couple of pics from the garden. I took them - well, when the sun was shinning which must have been other year because honestly this lack of sun now is just rude considering its supposed to be August.

So why post pics from the garden on my blog, which is supposed to be about pattens and making stuff? Well, some how my intention is to use these to get to a pattern of some sort.
My guess is that I should now put pencil to paper and start to sketch out a few bits and see what happens, hhhmmm, lets see how that goes in a few days.

I'll let you know how well I get on some time in the future.
That will be of course when I have mastered Adobe Illustrator for 10,000 hrs, since it takes this long in practice to master anything of worth, or so I'm told.

Anyway in the mean time, I'll be commencing the wonderfully anticipated course on pattern design at the end of August and here is the link if you want to have a quick peak... 

Note to self - must post on blog more often than I shout at the kids, and since thats all I do in the holidays, I'm onto a winner.


  1. Hi Trina.

    I love your blog! Thanks for giving us an inside look at the pattern design course. I appreciate your sense of humor an determination. I love watercolor and drawing and would like to take the course but I am not even close to being able to use photoshop (scary). I thought I could do the course without the knowledge but I am thinking twice after reading your blog. Thanks again and wish me luck--I'll need lots of it. Your work by the way is beautiful--I'm inspired to keep on creating. Cheers. Debbie

  2. Hello Debbie
    Thank you for your kind words. Please don't let me put you off. If you can half draw its a bonus honestly. The course ABSPD does give you plenty of tutorials to follow so it can help. Have a look at another course.. Lilla Rogers, MATS. or on twitter/instagram (hashtag) MATS. There are lots of lovely blogs following their journey too.
    I've also completed a course called Reign Repeats in Skillshare which teaches you everything about patterns in AI.

    Hope that helps and again thank you for commenting.