Well, here I am, still alive, still working and not having thrown my Mac out of the window - I have been painstakingly (the hint) going through some photoshop tutorials...
It's not that easy, but my guess is that it's not that hard either - if you know how.

Why doesn't it come with a big sign which says, by the way - you fools, you Scan into photoshop and save it as a Photoshop file BEFORE you attempt to get it into Illustrator..
If someone had of told me this - my life would be 10 hours ahead. It seems that if you need to get your own stuff into Illustrator you need Photoshop..
I've not yet learnt how to isolate things - but I will. (I mean I must if i'm not going to crash off a cliff soon)

Before you take in the pics below, I'd like you all to know that these were achieved like this :-

Open file, change nappy
Place object, answer door - deal with post, (which usually comprises of my husbands 'gift to himself' each day in the form of a Jazz cd)
Trace picture (which i've just stamped on the scanner to get going) - make dinner
Move about and stuff - finish pots - sort washing - change nappy - go to bed.
Take kids to Alton towers, use credit card unjustifiably.. just so you have a better picture..

On another note - if your still reading, I'm just going to post a couple of pictures i've been working on recently - very quick things, only fill a couple of hours
(you should know that I do all my paining in the 'wash room' with the washer - with no chair - leaning over the work top - well, cus the light is so good at this side of the house of course..

Mad, formal, Mad, Photoshop, crazy colours, Illustrator..

bye for now and thanks for reading..

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