Those Blooming Lupins

Those blooming Lupins

Don't laugh my honey buns, I know its not much to shout about, but I took the picture from the garden of the Lupins (see previous post) and made myself a little painting. I quite like it and if my intention was to sell cards or something it would be fine. (with perhaps a bit more work) However, what makes a good card?

Anyway reluctant to waste my paint (and to get on with the washing, finish Ironing - which is the most unrewarding job ever) I did a couple more a bit looser, but I did get myself less hung up on detail and more focused on the fact that I now need to get these into the dreaded Adobe Illustrator. Dreaded because I don't have a flipping clue who to change the background colour, how annoying is that.. 
I'm sure I will be able to if I spend a bit more time on darn thing.. It is still the best thing on this Mac so I'm not knocking it

The one above is of the Peonies which were also in the garden. Yes I know it doesn't really look like it but to me its more fluid and shows more movement, I think the bigger brush helps...

Now if I can I want to see what sort of surface pattern I can get from them -
I've been looking at a wonderful website recently, can't keep my eyes from it. It's called Bluebellgrey and I think i'll have to put it on the list for 'Next purchase'..

Anyway back when I've done a few more drawings and put the paints away...

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