Of course I'm not 12, but I might be.. I might want to be 12 again. Given that I feel 12 when I see this new book sat  on my desk. Yes, what kind of book is that I hear you say, some kind of picture book.. er no.. it's a colouring book. Not just any old colouring book, a book for people to colour in - yes, but why the hell would I want one? Given that I'm now 40 (cough cough)...???

Well I'll tell you peeps, it's because I'm still trying to draw each day, I'm still trying to draw something of reasonable quality and yes I want to be good at colouring in. Especially on those days when I can't draw a flippin circle even. You see my patterns need colour and where do you get that from? No, not from years of slaving away in the back room of a colourist, or taking a textile degree, or from dyeing peoples hair.... its by experimenting with your own colours. I'm not talking those 20 pencils ya mam got you in Wilko when you were 10, (because you'd been good all morning and not taken any of the plastic square toppers from M&S coat hangers honestly Mum... ) I'm talking about Copic markers, Sharpie markers, Faber -Castell and Zig loveliness.  If they were shoes, we're talking Jimmy or Vera here. (perhaps not quite so expensive, but really quite good) 
I was listening to this the other day and I just love the way Khristian A Howell can use colour.. she is amazballs. I mean she has the full package, colour, pattern, everything, and looks like a super model too.. ! Darn it.

So my intention is to grapple my way through the hell of his Tax Return, (why do men seem to be able to do big things, but none of those little hit you in the eye this is a crap job for Monday) jobs??? - Not that I will add any colour to THAT but at least at the end - I shall be able to colour something in. 

Haven't started yet, but that the fact that I'm writting about it, means that 

A) I will in due course, 
B) If I don't I will have wasted an hour writing this and 
C) I will look a ninny). 

The book is called Secret Garden - by Johanna Basford and here are few more pics for you..

Hopefully after I've done a few pictures I'll let you see them. (I recently got aquatinted with Instagramenes (that's Instagram) for those failing to keep up - I'm Surface Hug if you want to follow me.. and maybe I'll follow you back.  

So what have you been colouring in lately? 

Currently I'm listening to The Potato Factory - which is a sort of historical fiction book about a real life pick pocket in London in the 19th century.. some say is the character Fagan in Oliver Twist. 

On the T.v.v.. I'm still watching and waiting each week for the next episode of The White Queen. I have to say I didn't really like the what I'd read about the Woodvilles but I am now warming to them (and I love the name Jacquetta) I would pay the BBC dearly if they made the drama of Mary Queen of Scots.

Bye for now.. 
(ha 2 posts in 2 weeks - getting better)



Hello dear readers, 

Well, here I am again - I'm still here, hurrarh. 
I've been reading a lot recently about blogs and if my blog or your blog for that matter, will simply just drop off into a blog drop abyss. You know there must be a place somewhere for all these blogs which people start and never get on with. Sort of like a blog heaven.. no that's wrong because you can't really come back from heaven (well, that's what I have been told) so that wouldn't be correct. Anyway - my blog has just been brought back from blog heaven.. and here I am. 

So what is Skillshare? I hear you shout.. Well, it's a platform for learning, where individuals who have something to teach can well, basically, teach us in a virtual classroom. Pretty nifty it is too. You sign up to get an account, (don't worry this is free) anyone can do it - and then choose a course to take. As my intention is to design something spectacular one day I went straight to the design section. There are courses on all kinds of things, painting, drawing, computers, lots of programs, writing etc. The course I chose, wait for it - was a Pattern making course called Reign Repeats. 

I found the course through FB (that's short for Face book- keep up) - it was to say the very least amazing. Not only can you go at your own pace, (perfect if you are anything like me) but you can view other peoples projects too as they are working through the course and give feedback too. Don't worry it's not in any way competitive, I mean I have no intention of comparing my work to an Illustrator based in New York for example (as clearly that would throw you off the edge) - but still it is nice to know you are not alone with the lights off. 

I won't go into detail as you can view the course here - but it was 4 weeks and the amount of information Majo (that's teacher) gave was amazing. There were a mountain of videos, and lots of tips, tricks and pattern skills throughout. I highly recommend it. 
(so you fell down a hole on week 1 and got lost - don't worry, because all the course remains at your disposal for ever - that's right, gone on holiday, no problemo, gone to ground, no problemo, you can just come back to it later - when ever you wish.)

I'm also completing another course on Typography - more about that later. !! 

Here are a few other bits I've been messing around with during the course too... because I know we all love a good look at other peoples stuff.... 

This is me when I can't decide if I'm painting or drawing or colouring - 

This pattern I made for my Etsy shop (gasp shock horror) you didn't know that did you?.. well, more about that later. 

So that's all for now - I've had a few more books delivered... damn that Amazon 1 click order button.. which I will tell you about soon... 

Take care peeps and get drawing - (oh sorry that's to me).

Trina x