Hello my dears - thought I would very quickly share a few bits with you before school pick up.. 
Not much happening really.. I've made a few patterns, found a few friends making things for Xmas markets.. 
Thinking of having a few bits made. The problem is that I can't think or organise beyond next week Friday and lots of these things are booked, paid for, and organised like a year in advance. A whole year. Who in the blazzers is that organised,? not little ol me for sure. I can only just organise a dentist appointment in advance, so there is no way I'm going to get that organised. Alas - I won't let it kill me, I will try and do something. 

Our dishwasher machine thingy decided that enough was enough the other day. Obviously not to be undone, you sort of convince yourself, ha, that's no problemo, we can eat out, wash up - or just not eat... but no.. !
With 5 people in our house, we all went into melt down mode. For a start our kitchen is not designed around washing up being a pleasure - the sink is for used tea bags and that's about all - no flies on us.
After three days even our 3 year old started to complain his milk didn't taste right. We cave in and pay a man 250 shinys to retrieve a kids car part from inside somewhere. Thanks. Felt quite sorry for the man - I mean he could hardly get to the thing for all the dirty pots over taking every surface in our kitchen. Gross. The acid test was he accepted a cup of coffee which you never do if your in someones house you think is filthy. 

So what else, oh, yes I made a few patterns for the latest brief in Moyo Mag issue 5. I don't normally do them because I either forget or think - hmmm what to do. Then I move off to something else and again forget..

But this time - I went back to basics, thought about the brief, what colours came to me and took a few pics. 
I'm loving grey and orange right now - 

Anyway - recently I've been taking a class in Nicoles Classes, they are of course on line. ( as practically everything is these days) - You can find the one I took here. 
So one of my ideas was to use the snowflake I had made and sort of use that as a basis for the 'Winter theme'. 

Anyway I know there is some room for improvement - but not bad for a days work. A fixed dishwasher too.. we can eat again. xxx

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