OK, I get it, I get it, I get it.. 
Pinterest is amazing - I've been so blown away at what this platform can do - I've discovered so many new ideas on how to use it and what it should be about it. How? I've been watching a free webinar. (what's that? ) a 3 day workshop on Creative live - video format of teaching. 

I think I'm going to become a Pinterest fan of all fans. Here is my first test.. I took the picture above at a flower show last year. Believe me if you want to run out now and buy a blue poppy - well I'll tell you, they are 'tricky' to say the least. 

So lets see if this pin - which follows the advise of make your pictures beautiful.. 
I think this is beautiful, do you?

You can find (and follow I hope ) my board here.. 

Thanks for looking. 


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