Hello peps..
Gosh have I been busy, busy as Larry, busier than you can imagine.. you see I have 3 little ones, actually one if them is almost as tall as me and she's only 9 - but they do take up so much time. Time I just don't have - I so want to be doing lovely things with my time, but nope, I don't - I do washing and homely things, I break the dishwasher, I tidy up, tidy up tidy up. I've done so much tidying over the past few weeks, I'm like the Tidy up Queen.. you see nothing ever ever stays in the same place that I put it around here. Like NOTHING. You would think that 28 people live in my house. Or just 5 very lazy ones. Perhaps we could just buy a new house and sort of spread out the messiness so it's not so noticeable.? I'm sure everyone who has just completed the illegal marathon of stress called the school holidays will agree.. or at least part agree. 

Still - I have been on a lovely holiday - note picture above, I took at a NT place called.. Lanhydrock   Lovely place, big gardens. I like big gardens, makes me feel much more relaxed when I'm outside doing stuff.  Took some fabulous pictures too. Saw my friend the 'Wood man' who brings our wood, amazing who you meet when on holiday - the world is getting smaller, or I'm getting older and sound like my Dad now.

Anyways today my title is Wind Sock - I just can't control myself. I think I know what I am doing with my patterns and indeed am taking a fab course at the moment with Nicoles classes called Embelishments. Here are a couple of things I made in the first day - (more to follow).. 

I've always wanted to do Damask - well at least since I saw them on this site in fabulous fabric - I've wanted to do Damask.. 

So -  that's all for now. 

Trina x

p.s I've added a little pin button if you would like to 'pin' me. (obviously not literally pin me but pinterest me - well you know what I mean). Thanks.

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